1,000 dreams manifesto

1,000 dreams manifesto

Everything can be fun. Find a way to make even the hardest things fun and you’ve won in life.

People before profits ALWAYS.

Everyone has hidden gifts. Take the time to find out what they are.

Everyone deserves respect and love.

We all need someone to take a chance on us.

If we spend more time helping others and less time judging them, the world is a better place.

Love is all there is.

Forgiveness is the key to every success.

If you think you know it all, think again, laugh, and talk to someone seemingly less smart than you. Then shut up and listen.

Anyone that does you harm is hurting. That’s all. They aren’t out to get you. Give them more love, not less. Treat them like a newly wounded soul, cuz they are.

Jump first. Then figure it out.

Listen to the women in your life as if they are all-knowing. (They usually are.)

Listen to the men in your life as if you’ve never heard them speak before.

Men love feeling important and appreciated too.

When you don’t know what to do, cry. Then put on music and dance with your kid or a dog.

Help ALL MOMS, especially single moms. (please & thank you)

It’s never, EVER too late to change or start something special. Do it.

God loves you. (Trust me. She really does.)


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